4 Ways To Give Yourself The Best Gift Of All: Self-Care

4 Ways To Give Yourself The Best Gift Of All: Self-Care

Beauty, But Make It Hygge

As the emphasis on self-care grows, many are looking for ways to transform mundane routines into comforting rituals. The popular Danish trend, Hygge, is all about creating a cozy, heartwarming atmosphere.during winter. What better way to practice intentional care than by Hygge-fying your beauty routine?

While they certainly help with ambience, we’re not just talking about lighting a bunch of candles in your bathroom. This month, consider giving yourself a mini at-home facial steam, complete with muslin cloths and your favorite cleanser. Or, perhaps, enjoy a nightly bath with a blend of sea salts and flower petals to invoke a connection with nature as you plan to bundle up indoors.

Hygge-fying your routine is the perfect way to unwind amidst the hustle and bustle of the season!

Dry Skin Is Snow Joke

There’s nothing worse than waking up with a slight sore throat and runny nose due to dryness associated with the cold.

But what’s even worse? Parched, cracking skin caused by winter’s chill and the lack of humidity. But don’t worry. We’re introducing you to a dry winter’s worst enemy and your skin’s new best friend: humidifiers.

Not only do humidifiers help combat pesky cold symptoms, but they can also keep skin hydrated and protected.

The experts at the US National Library Medicine, as sourced by Prevention, recommend a cool mist humidifier for safety reasons, but there are plenty of varying sizes and types readily available to be your skin’s guardian angel. 

Winter-Proofing Your Lips

It’s cuffing season, folks! Whether you’re flying solo or roasting chestnuts fireside with your partner, it’s never fun to deal with dry, cracked lips in the winter.

These days, with a variety of upgraded iterations of the age-old Chapstick balms and lip glosses readily available, your pout can stay conditioned, soft, and smooth all season long.

Pro Tip: Lip oils offer a gorgeous sheen and comforting hydration, yet aren't overly sticky, like some of its glossy predecessors. That’s right, no more hair sticking to your lips as you brave the cold winds!

For a deeper conditioning treatment to restore lips moisture levels, a lip mask can work holiday miracles thanks to their ultra-hydrating formulas.

With that said, we’ll see you under the mistletoe.

Ingredient Spotlight: Cranberry

PSA: Cranberries are no longer reserved for just holiday parties.

This antioxidant-filled superfood offers a myriad of youth-preserving benefits that’ll have even the biggest cranberry jelly haters seeking out this skin saver in no time. It can be applied topically in the form of skincare or ingested via the real thing or cranberry juice (though, we recommend an unsweetened version to avoid any sugar crashes).

Anti-inflammatory and brimming with Vitamin C, cranberries are giving you plenty of reasons to incorporate this festive berry into your skincare routine all year long.

Cranberry Benefits:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Contains Vitamin C, which is known for hydrating, brightening, smoothing texture, reducing redness, and fading hyperpigmentation
  • Easily absorbed by skin
  • Can help support the protection of skin from environmental stressors
  • Contains omega fatty acids that help to hydrate and plump skin

(Sources: Healthline.com and Shape.com)

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