From Konmari’Ing Your Skincare Routine to Eating for Healthy Skin, Bevara Skin Explores 4 Habits to Adopt in the New Year!

From Konmari’Ing Your Skincare Routine to Eating for Healthy Skin, Bevara Skin Explores 4 Habits to Adopt in the New Year!

Beauty Is An Inside Job 

While you’re busy scouring the local beauty aisles (or ), remember that skincare goes beyond topical care. Wellness products –– often available in an ingestible gummy, supplement or powder form –– are a thoughtful way to establish a 360° approach to healing your skin from within. From collagen that supports the elasticity and moisture levels of skin to stress hormone-lowering adaptogenic herbs to anti-inflammatory CBD, incorporating ingestible beauty into your weekly routine could be extremely beneficial to your skin (and body)’s overall health.

Listen To Your Gut (Seriously!) 

As it turns out, the saying “you are what you eat” does have some truth to it. Inflamed gut causing acne, dryness, or dullness? Your diet could be the root of it. Consider limiting or nixing anything that could cause a blood sugar spike (think sugar or anything that breaks down into sugar, like carbs). And, instead, head to Whole Foods, where you can opt for gut-healing probiotic-packed foods like yogurt, kimchi, tempeh, and kombucha. And if you’re feeling committed to keeping sugar at bay, try the popular keto diet, which restricts your daily carb intake to around 25 net carbs. Plus, there’s good news for you avocado lovers out there: fats make up 75% of keto’s daily intake, so pile on that guac. 

Skin Barrier, Activated 

In an era where everything lives online (both selfies and #shelfies), it’s hard to not constantly get sucked into buying and trying new products every week. But experts say that most of your favorite skincare takes time –– specifically, two to ten or more weeks –– to reap those desired glowing results. So, if you’re constantly overwhelming your skin barrier with new products, how can your skin really heal itself? A “skincare diet”, AKA sticking to a basic core regimen. Quite the opposite of the tedious, and often, 10-step K-Beauty routine, the “skincare diet’s” minimalist approach allows the skin barrier the opportunity to reset and recuperate. Your wallet will thank you for it later, too. 

Ingredient Spotlight: Bakuchiol 

In this issue’s ingredient spotlight, we’re introducing you to bakuchiol –– nature’s age-preserving alternative to everybody’s holy grail skin-transformer, retinol. Long praised in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, bakuchiol is a derivative of the babchi plant that boasts comparable skin-renewing benefits to its clinical counterpart.

Bakuchiol Benefits:

- Safe for oily, dry, and even sensitive skin types - Helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles

- Improves pigmentation

- Boosts elasticity and firmness

- Prolonged use has shown to decrease roughness and dryness


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