Getting the perfect glowy complexion is the ultimate mission when talking about skincare. Outside of using quality skincare products, to get a better idea of what steps to take to achieve this goal we asked LA-based skincare expert Camay Graham to weigh in!

"Glowy" Skin Please! 

As an esthetician and a CIDESCO diplomat, I have over 100 clients. No matter what season, age, or skin type, a constant question I frequently get is how to get “glowy” skin. Here are my top tips and tricks to keep your skin glowing all year long.


Our skin rejuvenates and creates new skin every 28 days, crazy huh? So, to keep our skin healthy we need to remove the barrier of dead skin cells and uncover fresh new ones below. This helps open the way for skincare products to penetrate on a deeper level. Exfoliating brings newer, healthier skin to the surface to give you that glow.

Drink water.

That glow from within. You know that natural plump flush we strive to always have? It starts from the inside out. It’s a repetitive tip that we hear time and time again, but I can genuinely tell which of my clients are constantly drinking water versus the ones who aren’t. The skin responds beautifully to products being applied when it is already hydrated.

Change your pillowcases. 

When we lay down on our pillow our excess oil and dirt lays there and burrows until we wash them again. So, if you are constantly having breakouts on your cheeks or on the side of your face where you sleep, it's because you're rubbing the bacteria back onto your clean face.

Makeup Detox.

Let your skin BREATHE! Wearing makeup day after day and all day is traumatizing on the skin. Give your skin a day or two a week to breathe without being covered with foundation, concealer etc. I promise you it will be easier for your skin to glow when it isn’t constantly being masked and covered with makeup.

Facial massage. 

Lastly, facial massaging. Whether you use a face roller or your good old-fashioned hands, facial massaging is an essential key to keep your skin glowing. The stimulation of the massaging helps increase circulation which helps get the blood flowing to the face. You know what that means? A glow for your whole complexion.

Now that you have your skin glowing..

Here is the recommended order I tell my clients to apply their skincare products in:

1. Removal of makeup- oil cleanse

2. Facial cleanser

3. Toner

4. Essence

5. Treatment products - serums

6. Eye cream

7. Moisturizer

8. SPF

Hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks. Which one of these are you are going to go try? Now glow get em! 

Camay is a skincare expert based in Los Angeles, for further skin wisdom, she can be found on Instagram @cammymay