In Need Of Some TLC? Bevara Skin Shows You 4 Ways To Pamper You And Your Skin During the Month of Love

In Need Of Some TLC? Bevara Skin Shows You 4 Ways To Pamper You And Your Skin During the Month of Love

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Who’s the fairest of them all? You, of course! The beauty world is finally getting a high tech overhaul and these smart mirrors are leading the way. Plus, they’re providing you with some real sophisticated beauty perks. A few iterations might even help you say goodbye to your derm, too! Each smart mirror’s capabilities are different, but among some of the most impressive functions include skin and skincare regimen analysis, as well as a tool to set skin goals, based on your unique, individualized needs. And if you’re always scrounging for the perfect lighting situation, we’ve got you. You’ll be glad to hear that some versions come with a variety of lighting settings –– some that even replicate natural sunlight for your next great selfie.

Botox? More like No-tox 

When it comes to preserving skin's youthful state, botox has been widely praised for years. But the tides are slowly changing. Acupuncture— a technique rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine and historically devoted to healing pain in the body — is seeing a swift resurgence in the Western beauty world. This natural alternative to botox injections requires the insertion of needles into the skin that are so small, the treatment is virtually painless. As a result, the punctures of the skin encourage your body to hit the restoration button by supporting collagen production for firmer, more radiant skin. Some even claim it's quite relaxing,which is why we’ll be carving out some time this month for some well-deserved me-time.

Upcycling is the New Recycling?

So 2019. Sustainability is no longer a conversation; it’s a global movement. A movement that we couldn’t be more excited for, especially since beauty can be one of the bigger offenders in contributing to unnecessary waste. While it may not be possible to recycle everything in your beauty arsenal, there are ways to spruce many products up anew. This Valentine’s Day, give back to Mother Nature by upcycling those Instagram-worthy body oil jars. You’ll be surprised at how aesthetic they’ll look filled with a gorgeous bouquet of hand-picked wildflowers. You could even give those bobby pins that always go missing a forever home with Bevara Skin’s luxe glass jar packaging. And those expired or fully used up eyeshadow palettes? Your next compact, travel-friendly jewelry case! Trust us, you, your pocket, and the planet will thank you someday.

Ingredient Spotlight: Rose

No longer reserved as a gift to express how much you care for someone, antioxidant-filled roses can be used to spoil your skin this Valentine’s Day and beyond. With its use dating back to the Dark Ages, the soothing anti-inflammatory flower has been historically used in skincare (oils, creams, toners, and more), sore throat treatments, and natural or synthetic perfumes. With its long list of potential benefits, we have to ask: will you accept this rose?

Rose Benefits:

  • Helps ease irritation and skin inflammation (eczema, rosacea, etc.)
  • Helps shield skin cells from damage
  • Antibacterial in nature, it can help accelerate the healing of cuts and burns
  • Helps uplift mood via its aromatherapeutic capabilities
  • Helps preserve skin’s youthful state by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles


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