Why Crowdsourced Skincare and what is Conscious Sustainability?

Why Crowdsourced Skincare and what is Conscious Sustainability?

Bevara Skin is a progressive and modern skincare brand offering calming solutions to preserve youthful and natural skin.

What makes us identify with being progressive, modern, and unique? We crowdsource all of our formulas. This means that we rely 100% on outside knowledge and perspective to drive our development.

Bevara Skin line - CBD Crowdsourced skincare

So, what exactly is crowdsourcing and how is it relevant to skincare (or you)?

Crowdsourcing is defined as the practice of obtaining information or input into a task or project from a large number of people, typically via the internet.

With the amount of knowledge and information that is readily available today, we know shoppers have become much more in-tuned with what goes into the skincare products they buy. They are aware of what they want and what they don’t want and are constantly researching new and exciting ingredients to try.

Our crowdsourced formulation allows our shoppers and community to have an active say in the evolution of the Bevara Skin product line. We prioritize brand transparency and product evolution! Our customer’s knowledge and enthusiasm directly drives the development of our formulas.

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How do you benefit from this model?

Crowdsourcing allows for honest and deliberate communication helping build transparent connections that offer a new kind of value-add experience and trust to our brand. Our community's input and involvement in Bevara Skin is an essential part of our mission to deliver new and exciting formulations.

How does it work?

We engage with our community through the use of quizzes, emails, direct messaging to discuss our shopper’s likes, dislikes, routines, new ingredients, trends, sustainability, etc. Then we listen and go back to the lab where we incorporate the changes on a majority rule basis.

If you would like to be a part of the crowdsourcing you can head over and take our Skincare Preferences Questionnaire.

Our quizzes are updated on a regular basis and serve as a way for us to continue to stay current and knowledgeable of what our shoppers are excited to see in our next series of formulaic developments! Confirmed knowledge helps the environment tremendously by reducing waste while also driving our mission forward of continuing to produce effective skincare solutions that are sustainable, lean, and continuously evolving.

The result is a product that has been made 100% by our community!

Bevara Skin line - CBD Crowdsourced skincare - Cleanser in water

What is conscious sustainability?

Conscious Sustainability is our commitment to continuously improve and reduce our carbon footprint.

We are very proactive in our efforts to ensure that we optimize product, packaging, and containers to reduce waste.

We use glass containers for 3 out of 4 products and our plastic container is BPA free.

All packaging is 100% recyclable.

Why is Bevara Skin choosing to keep a small product offering and making updates instead of coming out with more products?

We are extremely intentional and conscious with our minimal product offering – we update and evolve our formulas within each specific product instead of continuing to create new one-off products that just end up half-used and thrown away.

We feel that there is a tremendous amount of waste going on in the industry and by committing to a minimal product offering, we reduce the risk of overselling the market with products that you may not need.

Through the use of crowdsourced formulas and conscious sustainability Bevara Skin sets itself apart for its peers as a progressive, modern, and unique brand because it possesses those attributes in every sense.

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